Investing in Cannabis

Investing in the cannabis industry is a great idea. This is because with more and more states declaring marijuana legal for medical and recreational purposes, this industry has turned into a huge money-maker. It is one of the fastest growing and highly profitable industries in the U.S.

Where to Start?

The best way to start investing is to learn about the current environment. Thanks to the growing trends, the movement to legalize cannabis has certainly picked up the pace. When it comes to investing in cannabis, there are a few names that everyone mentions and it is no wonder why those names have become popular.

Following are some cannabis-related stocks that you might want to keep in mind when investing in cannabis:

GW Pharmaceuticals

Along with its several subsidiaries, GW Pharmaceuticals mainly focuses on discovering, developing, as well as commercializing cannabis infused medicines. For example, the cannabidiol drug from GW Pharmaceuticals known as Epidiolex is one of the first drugs to be approved that contains a particular substance extracted from marijuana. It has been very successful in trials and studies in treating Dravet syndrome seizures. It is a rare type of epilepsy that generally occurs in infants. In 2018, FDA approved Epidiolex.

Innovative Industrial Properties

Innovative Industrial Properties is a real estate investment trust that went public in 2016. Currently, Innovative Industrial Properties has a huge market cap. While there are many companies that have invested in the cannabis industry, Innovative Industrial Properties is completely different because it focuses on the growth operation and plans to purchase buildings and then lease them to those who grow medical marijuana. Over the past year, Innovative Industrial Properties has surged over 150%.

Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands is a beverage giant that is United States’ third largest beer maker. It is quite popular for many quality beer brands like Modelo and Corona. Recently, Constellation Brands invested $4 billion and stepped into the cannabis market. Together with Canopy Growth, Constellation Brands plans to introduce a wide range of cannabis beverages in Canada.

Cronos Group

Another name you need to keep in mind when investing in cannabis is Cronos Group. It invests in Canadian weed companies that are heavily involved in the cannabis industry. There are three core assets of Cronos Group: Whistler Medical Marijuana Company, Original BC, and Peace Naturals. All three assets manufacture and sell cannabis infused medicines, while Peace Naturals and Whistler Medical Marijuana Company also focus on cannabis oil.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt about the potential of huge profits in the cannabis industry because it is moving at a rapid pace thanks to the new developments in medical treatments and growing technology popping up quickly and consistently. While still not federally legal, the movement of legalizing marijuana has come a long way in the United States over the past few years. And now that Canada legalized recreational use of marijuana, the movement to do the same is growing stronger day by day. Investors that used to have limited choices for investing in the cannabis industry now have more opportunities to earn big profits.