Best Bars in New York

Finding a local bar in New York City is easy, but it is very hard to filter the best ones. The finest bars in New York City strike a balance between skilled bartenders, smart guests, delicious food, a comfortable ambiance and rare drinks. If you are looking for a bar app for the city’s best options, you will come to the following places.

#1 Bemelmans Bar

Happy hour finder begins its search at the Bemelmans Bar. This is a stunning night spot with classic drinks. You must try the Martell Cognac, rum, and Paradise Cocktail. The Martell Cognac was named after Tommy Rowles. The place is renowned for its white-jacketed service.

#2 Gallow Green

Another fascinating local bar with white-uniformed service would be “Gallow Green”. This is a dreamy, composed rooftop bar. It has classy interiors: trellises that are rich in flowers, floors that are made of slate and pebbles and tables that are designed from weathered wood. As the sun goes down, you will see small Christmas lights blinking over every table.

Key Selling point – You will feel lost and happy in this garden-like place. It has trained waitstaff who speak with flawless British Accents.

#3 Death & Company

If you are looking for some serious fun, “Death & Company” is a great destination. Every beer app in the New York City will guide you this place. It is deadly serious about its beer and mixed drinks. Death & Company are pioneers in craft cocktails. It has lush interiors with black walls, wooden doors, and cushioned booths.

Key Selling Point – People keep visiting the Death & Company for its classic drinks: St- Germain and Sweet Hereafter.

#4 Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

The bar scene in New York City is known for its interiors. Some of the world’s best-looking bars are found in NYC. And, Aldo Sohm Wine Bar is called one of the best bars in New York by anyone that visits it! If you are running under pressure, this is a great place to unload. This bar doesn’t expect its guests to come in suits or dresses. It is neatly detailed and has plenty of space. The elegant set up welcomes those who want to sink in, talk and unwind.

Key Selling Point – You will see rare canvases from Keith Haring at the Aldo Sohm Wine Bar.

#5 Dead Rabbit

Last but certainly not least, you should visit the professional Dead Rabbit. This is also known as a financial district bar. It was founded by Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry. The Dead Rabbit is 100% professional. Above all, it is one of the most accessible places in NYC!

Key Selling Point – You must try its seasonal cocktails and homemade punch served in a bottle.