5 Tips to improve Digital Marketing Strategy from a digital marketing consultant

Be it website, email, banners, social media, videos, blogging, press release or any other medium which is related to the internet qualifies under digital marketing. Traditional Marketing doesn’t allow you target your audience and thus, is not as effective as a newer online method of reaching the audience where you can target, analyze, rework and monitor on results to achieve the best ROI for your website.

There is growing change in the way consumers make a purchase and search. With more than a billion searches conducted online every day and growing use of social media, emails etc. because of increased internet accessibility, digital marketing strategy has become important for every business.

1. Create Engaging Content
Digital Marketing requires a combination of strategy to succeed. Be it SEO, social media, press release or any other strategy no strategy can succeed on its own.

Define a content marketing strategy if you already have not done. Prepare a calendar on what topics you would be posting and by when. This will help you define goals and prepare your content better.
Share them on social media, blogs and help your content gain traction and visibility. They are taken as a signal by search engines as well.

Create and post at least 1 article every week. There is always a need for new content on the website. Try to create at least one article every week even if you don’t have a content team and are a small business owner.
Optimise content to act as a landing page for some keywords and try to have them as a part of your sales funnel strategy or with the goal of converting more users into leads.

Monitor Comments and Feedback- Reply to every comment and feedback you get. Try to revise your content and fit the suggestions you get as this would help you refine your content even further.

Focus on User Experience: After you have created a post, make sure you optimize the images, videos, have call to action in right places, easy to understand URL’s and fast loading pages which will help users to enhance their experience.

2. Increase Your Website’s Visibility in Search

SEO is a strategy which can help you increase organic search results. When someone searches for your article, product or service on Google it should be visible on the front page of Google. It is the best method of generating long-term traffic and leads for your website. As an SEO Consultant in Delhi NCR, The Buzz Stand gets lots of queries regarding how to rank their web pages in the shortest possible time. There is no shortcut to success, there are some best practices that need to be kept in mind which can help the website improve their traffic considerably.

Have the best content on top of your website page. It helps users, crawlers and makes it easier to find content
Have relevant keywords in the title, meta description, heading, and body content. It helps users and search engines identify what the content is about. It removes any confusion involved.

Optimise for website speed, page size, cache and Java, CSS codes to ensure a better user experience

Optimise meta descriptions and keywords to ensure the success of the article and make it more user-friendly. , if possible use Rich Snippets as it enhances user experience.

List your business on directories especially Google, Bing, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Just Dial etc. to ensure traction. Build plenty more links to get your website known and create a buzz about it. It is a ranking factor and helps your website get known to search engines. As a digital marketing consultant in Hermosa Beach, Jesse Grillo has helped businesses optimize their websites and ensure success for them.

3. Create an Active Strategy for Social Media

Social Media has risen in the past decade. There are platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. which can help users to connect with their audiences, know trends, learn about information and express themselves. According to a research, more than 52% of internet users have their presence on 2 or more social platforms.

Social media provides you with an opportunity to express yourself, share and promote content and help it go viral. Every platform has a defined purpose and choosing the right platform is extremely critical to ensure the success of the business. LinkedIn is useful for B2B customers, Instagram is for sharing images and those who want to showcase their products. Facebook is useful for videos and posts, gaining feedback and so on. The Buzz Stand provides digital marketing service in Delhi NCR to many clients and suggests that including the following tips will help you optimize your campaign.

Have a set plan for your social strategy

Create a social media plan and calendar to have clarity about your goals and make the most of online marketing. If you do have a plan in place, revisit it periodically to ensure it still meets your business and content marketing goals.

Try to have Videos and Infographics in your strategy

It might be a wise idea to invest your time into a strategy which is around developing videos and infographic. Utilise the power of YouTube, Facebook which can you’re your videos get viral. They tend to increase user experience and act as a better medium for conveying information. Consider investing in video production and video advertising via platforms like YouTube, which is currently the second largest search engine after Google. The good thing is videos on YouTube appear on search engines and it becomes easier to have a video on search engines and gain traffic to your website. Similarly, websites like Pinterest, Instagram can help you convey infographics and get some good backlinks for the website as well.

Use social media as medium to interact, engage and gain feedback from audience

Social media is not just about getting your things viral. It is media to interact you’re your existing audience, gain feedback from them and use this information to improve upon your services, solve problems and keep the customer happy.

4. Optimise for Mobile

Around 2/3 of the total internet traffic is through mobile and this is only going to increase, a number of smartphones and internet connectivity improves. This calls for having a site which is compatible with mobile and ensures the best viewing experience for the user. The Buzz Stand is a digital marketing company in Delhi NCR and it helps businesses to make sure that mobile optimization is in place.

5. Capture and Measure Success Metrics

One of the core advantages of online marketing always has been the ability to measure, track and analyze data. For email marketing, there are tools like Active Hosted, Mail Chimp, Woodpecker, Sales Handy which help us in ensuring that the businesses can deliver, track and analyze their success through the campaign. Even if you have the best of strategies, measuring it would help you improve it further as no strategy is perfect.