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Investing in CBD Edibles

Investing in Cannabis
CBD Edibles

How do you invest in weed?
Investing in CBD and CBD edibles is a very new and developing industry. It allows the common consumer to ride the wave and take their money and put it in a growing field that will perform well into the future. THC and CBD edibles and all types of cannabis related companies are here to stay and are continuing to grow.

Have there been growing pains for different states? Yes, there absolutely have been many hiccups and crashes, but that is to be expected. The legal cannabis and hemp industry has only been around for a few years. Most state regulators are having difficulty with exactly how to introduce it to their constituents. Understandably so, since at a federal level marijuana products, cannabis with over 3% THC, is still federally illegal.

CBD Edibles

This also causes issues with financing. How do traditional banks, a national entity regulated by federal agencies, finance the product of a product that is a schedule 1 drug? Luckily CBD edibles can come from legal hemp avoiding this product. But investing in CBD goes hand in hand with investing in all cannabis types. Here are a few ways you could invest in THC and CBD edibles and any cannabis product or process:

• Support your local grower financially, find a farmer and buy the seeds as starter

• Invest in a dispensary, find a local dispensary and partner on another store

• Start your own small batch CBD edibles company

• Buy into a cannabis partnership

• Trade weed stocks, by far the most common and easiest

Investing in Cannabis

Are these stocks performing well?
So, regardless on where you live or what kind of capital you have access to, anyone can trade stock. It is as simple as opening a brokerage account or even just downloading the Robinhood app.

However, be aware that a generalized brokerage account won’t be good enough if you want the full range of weed stocks. You will need one that allows you to trade over the counter stocks that aren’t actively traded on an exchange. These stocks are labeled as “over the counter bulletin board” or OTCBB.

How has the cannabis market faired since it opened up a year or two ago on the markets? Well, over the past 12 months, as of January 2020, the S&P 500 has seen a 26.4% gain. The industry group ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) has substantially underperformed as comparison and has plummeting 41.0%.

CBD Edibles

However, this isn’t a bad thing. Type in any of the most traded weed stocks and hit the graph all on any of the stock trackers. You will see that generally everything is red but also note that most of these stocks have barely been around for a year. So, just as state’s weed industries are going through growing pains, so are the stocks. This is a natural market correction that is absolutely to be expected. What is the recommendation? It is always to buy the market. This means buy little amounts often. This correction is a great time to invest. Once the correction plateaus the only way is up.

What should I be watching?
Here are some of the major players that will be around for the long haul when you are ready to invest in CBD and CBD edibles:
Dixie Brands Inc.
Plus Products Inc.
OrganiGram Holdings
Aleafia Health
Aphria, Inc.
Canopy Growth Corporation

The Looming Problem for the CBD Edibles Market

CBD investors

How has the initial growth of the weed market been?
Any cannabis with over 3% TCH is still considered marijuana and therefore illegal at the federal level due to its continued listing as a Schedule 1 Drug. This limits the ability of many CBD investors from expanding too heavily into the TCH and full CBD edibles world across the country. Investment opportunities have been limited to 11 states were cannabis is recreationally legal and hemp which can be grown legally in 47 states. In the states where all cannabis is recreationally legal, growth has been highly uneven and in most underperforming. This isn’t to say that the experiments have been a failure. On the contrary, most of the issues have been around the taxation and regulatory mess rather than the social acceptance. THC and CBD edibles is a proven multibillion dollar industry that has garnered Colorado companies at least $6.5 billion in revenue since the opening of the market in 2015.

The hurdle therefore isn’t whether or not to invest but how to handle the regulatory field. This is exceedingly significant when it comes to cannabis as a food ingredient and how it is regulated by the FDA and other state food inspection agencies. Currently the FDA doesn’t view cannabis as a food ingredient and therefore won’t be showing up on your grocery store shelf anytime soon. However, Colorado has allowed it to be included in food as an ingredient. So, if you travel to Denver you might find a few places to grab an infused grilled cheese or tater tots.

Investing in Cannabis

Is there any end in sight?
Yes, everything good must come to an end. As long as the industry retains the current regulatory scheme there will be a plateau. This isn’t a bad thing, it is just a market reality. Each new market that opens will allow new growth and investment. However, with limited product offerings the shelves may seem a little boring. The major hurdle to national acceptance is at the federal level. For full investment in THC and CBD edibles by TCH and CBD investors the federal government will have to 1) remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug; and 2) the FDA will need to allow cannabis to be a food ingredient.

What are the major problems faced by the industry?
Here is a list of potential problems that all TCH and CBD investors in THC and CBD edibles will be facing in the years to come:

  • Unhelpful Regulations (limitations on growth or too open of growth lacks the nuanced market introduction controls necessary for a legal weed industry)
  • Lack of health standard (there are few industry health standards on productions and products have been shown to have heavy metals in them)
  • The taxes are too d** high (taxes can be upwards of 40+% in some areas effectively stopping the introduction of a stable legal weed market)
  • Cannabis is fat soluble (have food goods that are fat-free? It will be harder to infuse them with weed)
  • Does anyone know the shelf life of cannabis? (if you want it in the market how long should it sit around before it goes bad?)
  • How does the legal system deal with high driving? (Cops need a good test to see if you are high, not there yet.)









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